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IGNOU universe is a student help and support guide for IGNOU university website www.ignou.ac.in. If you are a new student then, you are welcome to the separate and unique universe of IGNOU education and higher studies.

All new student are strictly advised to focus on studies and pay special attention during counselling sessions because the IGNOU courses are not difficult but passing the courses becomes difficult, if you become irregular and don't concentrate on your studies. In an open learning system only minimum number of counselling sessions are provided and also the individual student has less amount of time for preparing for the TEE exams due to parallel job or work.

It is just a myth that passing in IGNOU exam is very difficult but the truth is that passing in TEE exams is very easy due to the support and additional material provided by the IGNOU, we will discuss it in detail later. So just be regular and concentrate on your studies to successfully complete your courses.

Indra Gandhi National open university provides a variety of courses for all class and age of students. Also IGNOU courses are cheaper than other university courses. IGNOU admission is conducted round the year that is any one can take admission in some of the IGNOU courses any time. But some courses like BCA, MCA, MBA etc admission is conducted only twice a year i.e in January session and July session.

IGNOU University website www.ignou.ac.in home page
IGNOU University website www.ignou.ac.in home page

The picture above shows the homepage of the IGNOU website, the website provides full support to the university students. As you can see there are mainly three main sections on home page i.e.

  1. About IGNOU - This sections provide detailed profile of Indra Gandhi National Open University and details about schools, authorities, divisions, regional centres, study centres. etc.
  2. Student Zone - It is full of student support tools, we will discuss it in detail below.
  3. Bulletin Board - Here you can find latest happening and news about IGNOU.
Also there is a announcement section where students can find latest information regarding exams, counselling session and other important latest information.

Also the top banner provides the option to translate the website in Hindi. If your internet connection is slow then you can switch between Dial up and Broadband two different versions of the website from here. Also if you have reading problem, you can increase the font size of the text or there is a tool provided to listen to the contents of the website.

Let's see what does a student get from student zone.

IGNOU Student Zone

Student zone provides following information and materials to the students.

  1. Registration Details - It provides admission and program registration details to the students.
  2. Programmes - You get details of the doctoral programmes, degrees, diplomas and certificates offered by the university.
  3. Admission Announcement - It provides latest announcements related to admissions in the University.
  4. Admission - Information about eligibility criteria, procedure and deadline for applying to various programmes.
  5. Forms - Provision for online filling: Admission form, re-admission form, duplicates, provisional certificate.
  6. International Students - Details of availability of programmes and fee structure applicable in international IGNOU Centres.
  7. Downloads - Provision to download online IGNOU assignments, IGNOU question papers, prospectus and IGNOU study material of various programmes.
  8. Online Classroom - Link to online lectures delivered for various programmes from University Headquarters.
  9. Results - Status of assessment of assignments, declaration of yearly and final TEE result.
  10. On-Demand Exam - It is a flexible system of examination through which students can choose the exam dates and venue as per their choice.
  11. Assignments - Here you can download assignments for various university Programmes and Courses.
  12. Question Papers - It is the data bank of previous IGNOU question papers to crack your examination.
  13. Important Information - Students may get important information related to them from here.
  14. Register for SMS Alerts - University students can register for SMS alerts for student related information.

IGNOU Study material

The complete study material is provide to each student. Previously it was sent to the student's home address but now the study material is sent to the study center to which student is associated and students can collect their study material from study center library on production of IGNOU ID card. For programmes which based on semester system like BCA, MCA and MBA etc. the study material is sent semester wise on successful registration for the next semester.

Also Indra Gandhi National Open University provides facility to students to download the study material for their respective programmes and courses online in PDF format. It becomes very helpful for students as the study material is available to them in digital format which is accessible any where any time.

A student can download the IGNOU study material online.

IGNOU Assignments

Students of programmes like BCA, MCA and MBA etc. has to submit assignments for various courses for internal assessment of university. Students should pay special attention while solving and answering the assignments, because a weight age of these assignments is added in final marks of the courses and same is reflected in mark sheet and grade cards

Assignments for particular year and semester are provided along with the study materials for all the programmes and courses and also students can download the IGNOU assignments online from university website www.ignou.ac.in.

IGNOU Question Papers

It is great help from the university to all its student that it provides last 10 years question papers of all the courses. With this students gets an idea of the pattern of the questions asked in the exam.

A student can collect the old question papers from the study center library or can download IGNOU question papers online.

IGNOU Date Sheet

One more benefit to the university students is that the exam date sheet for up coming exams remains same as the last exams with just minor changes due to holidays. So the university student has an estimation for the dates of exams of various courses.

But always keep yourself up to date about exam date sheet. A student can download the IGNOU date sheet from university website from student zone.

IGNOU Hall Ticket

After applying for the Term End Exams (TEE), the university issues a hall ticket to all the students after verification. This hall ticket is sent to the student's home address 15 days before the commencement of the TEE. But the students also can download the IGNOU Hall Ticket from the university website www.ignou.ac.in.

IGNOU Results

If you are not paying attention during the counselling sessions and not serious about your studies then passing in this university exam might be tough for you. The most of students of the university are part time worker and due to lack of time they don't have time to concentrate on the studies therefore it become difficult for them to pass in the TEE exams. Due to this most of students of the university get fail in exams and university has nothing to do with it.

Instead IGNOU has provided so many help material for the students so that they easily pass in respective TEE exams. For example the university has provided the option of re-evaluation of answer sheets. Also students can request a photocopy of their evaluated answer sheets from the university.

The TEE results are published on university website as soon as the all TEE completes and evaluation of answer sheets is done. The students can check their IGNOU results online.

IGNOU Grade Card

The assignments marks and TEE results are recorded in grade cards for each student of the university, it is like your temporary mark sheet. Also university sends a hard copy of the grade card annually to all students.

Students can download or check their IGNOU Grade card online anytime by providing their enrollment number and programme code.